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About us

Research Center of the United Nations and International Organizations (RCUNIO) of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is one of the most important specialized research institutions on UN and international organizations in China. RCUNIO is a university-level academic research institute, founded on December 18th 2010 by School of International Relations and Diplomacy of BFSU with the support of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, United Nations Association of the People's Republic of China, Jinrong Foundation and other relevant bodies. The director of the center is Mr. Chen Jian, chairman of United Nations Association of the People's Republic of China and former Deputy Secretary-General of UN.

  RCUNIO aims to build a world-class academic research center on UN and international organizations as well as a leading academic research platform with high-level talents. The research center is dedicated to the research on UN, international organizations and other relevant areas. It provides theoretical support and policy consultancy to China’s diplomatic strategy decision and practice. It aims to improve China’s international image and status, and enhance the role China plays in UN and international organizations. Based on both domestic and international talents training systems, RCUNIO provides professional services, and senior management talents with special knowledge and competence on international organizations and multilateral affairs.

 Since established, RCUNIO has carried out study and work on multilateral security, military and diplomatic affairs, and international organization. It took part in sthe research on some important state issues, such as ‘Attracting international organizations to base their headquarters in China’, ‘UN reform’, ‘Military security’ and so on. RCUNIO also has established cooperation and communication with United Nations University of Japan, University of Queensland and other universities. 

RCUNIO has advantage in talents training and selection for international organizations, overseas investment of Chinese enterprises, a country’s image strategy research, and so on.